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About Otter Cove

At Otter Cove, children and critters have fun working together to make things run and get things done. Otter Cove critters provide the modeling, and children take the lead in playing out roles of community life, all while developing important 21st century life skills. Visitors may notice a resemblance to landscapes and businesses of Fergus Falls and Otter Tail County, but make no mistake: Otter Cove exists for children and the critters they love and can only exist because they make it run.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the optimal development of our region's children by providing abundant play opportunities in an enriching environment that launches imaginations, stimulates skill development, and fosters a growing sense of place and purpose.

Our Vision

We envision Otter Tail County as the best place to grow up because caring adults work together to help all children feel inspired by life's possibilities.


Our Values

We stand for the:

  • Possibility of life, as an optimistic view of the present and future, in which all children grow up excited and equipped as lifelong learners, inspired to seek out what the world offers, with the compassion to help those in need, and grateful for the abundance of opportunity in life; 

  • Joy of working together, to get the job done, make things run, achieve a shared vision for our community, and leave the world better than we found it;

  • Shared responsibility, to community and each other, understanding that each of us has an important role to play in making our community run, and that taking care of each other, especially in challenging times, is a defining characteristic of our part of the world;

  • Appreciation for growing up in such a special place, with uniquely abundant nature and beautiful landscapes, where we share the responsibility for protecting the natural world, where we work together in making our community run, and we're grateful for the opportunities in life and the gift of growing up in Otter Tail County.

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